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New plan to aid villages takes off in Guizhou      2016-02-09
Enterprise-plus program to help migrants enjoy the fruits of sustainable development

Guizhou government departments publish public consumptions      2013-10-22
The general office of the Guizhou government ordered 53 government departments to publish last year’s financial accounts.

Back to nature for answers      2013-10-22
A Canadian medical scientist has moved to China in the hope of discovering a cure for cancer using a mix of Western and Eastern medical practices.

Athletes take the plunge in base-jumping event      2013-10-21
"Every athlete is actually a champion," said Australian athlete Chris Mcdougall who won first prize on Saturday.

Single project to lift 2 millions out of poverty      2013-10-16
Guizhou has the most poor people of all provinces and regions in China, and embarked on an ambitious nine-year project in August.

China enhances protection of ancient settlements      2013-10-17
China announced on Thursday that efforts had been stepped up to preserve ancient villages and more was on the way, as old-style settlements face a crisis of decline, decay and even extinction.

Myanmar-China gas pipeline completed      2013-10-21
The Myanmar-China natural gas pipeline was completed on Sunday, further diversifying China's sources of fuel from abroad and ensuring its energy security.

Cities from Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou discuss cooperation      2013-09-30
Officials representing 12 municipalities of the provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou held their fourth cooperation and development summit in Bijie city, Guizhou province on Sept 17.

Country-Style Cooking seeks fast-food crown      2013-10-01
A man walks into a fast food restaurant in China. What is he more likely to choose - a local brand, like Chongqing's Country Style Cooking, or an international chain, like McDonald's?

First racer also a collector      2013-10-09
Li Junyi, the first rally driver in Guizhou province, Southwest China, is also a vintage car collector.

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