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Guizhou takes advantage of big data in course of its development


In Guizhou province, which hosts China's first State-level big data pilot zone, the integration of big data with sectors such as real economy, social management, civil service and rural revitalization has brought significant changes to people's life.

First 5G bus put into operation during 2019 Big Data Expo


Southwest China Guizhou province's first 5G bus was recently put into use in Guiyang, the provincial capital, providing citizens an opportunity to experience the latest 5G technology.

Apple speeds up construction of first China data center


The construction of Apple Inc's first China data center has picked up speed in Southwest China's Guizhou province.

Big data contributes to flood control and drought resistance


Thanks to the monitoring and warning system for flood control and drought resistance developed by Southwest China's Guizhou province, China can now release early warnings for floods in small watersheds within 15 minutes.

Guizhou ranks 3rd for online govt affairs services


Guizhou government's online service ability was ranked third nationwide and first in central and west China, according to a survey on April 19.

First fusion media data security lab launches in Guizhou


China's first fusion media data security lab was unveiled in the Guiyang National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Southwest China's Guizhou province on April 22, another innovation in big data application and fusion development of media.

Guiyang uses big data to explore new operation mode of methanol-fueled vehicles


Guizhou Jideshi Taxi Co Ltd, a company working on the pilot operation of methanol-fueled automobiles in Guiyang, achieved regular data collection on methanol-fueled automobiles through the city's developing big data technology.

Guiyang maximizes government data


As one of China's first national big data comprehensive pilot areas, Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou province and also known as China's Big Data Valley, launched an open platform that allows citizens to query government data online.

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