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2021 Big Data Expo


The 2021 Big Data Expo will be held in Guizhou province's capital Guiyang on May 26-28.

2020 China (Guizhou) Intl Alcoholic Beverages Expo


The 2020 China (Guizhou) International Alcoholic Beverages Expo is held at Guiyang International Conference & Exhibition Center in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, from Sept 9 to 13.

2020 Guiyang Import and Export Online Fair


The 2020 Guiyang Import and Export Online Fair will be held in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, from June 26 to 28.

China International Big Data Expo


Specialized and market-oriented, the world's first big data-themed expo has become a trendsetter of global big data industries and the most authoritative and "international" industry sharing platform.

Guiyang government promoting exhibition industry development


To transform the development mode and make best use of its industrial structure, Guiyang will do more to promote the exhibition industry to accelerate growth in Guiyang's modern service industry and drive the economy for greater competitiveness.

China (Guizhou) International Alcoholic Beverages Expo


China is a big producer and consumer of alcohol and Guizhou is the hometown of Moutai, the national liquor of China.

Introduction to Eco-Forum Global


The annual Eco-Forum Global in Guiyang has been held for three years since 2009, bringing together government officials, enterprise leaders, experts and scholars to discuss the theory and experience of ecological civilization.

2012 Eco-Forum Global


The 2012 Eco-Forum Global will be held at the Guiyang International Eco-Forum Center, July 26 to 28.

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