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First 5G bus put into operation during 2019 Big Data Expo

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Updated: 2019-05-10

First 5G bus put into operation during 2019 Big Data Expo

Each 5G bus allows 15 passengers to experience 5G technology. [Photo/xinhuanet.com]

Southwest China Guizhou province's first 5G bus was recently put into use in Guiyang, the provincial capital, providing citizens an opportunity to experience the latest 5G technology during the 2019 Big Data Expo.

The bus is equipped with a facial recognition system, 20 seats, five screens, and one VR experience area. Citizens can take the bus for free to experience 5G internet and learn information about the surrounding scenic spots through VR.

With the 5G network provided by China Telecom, the bus can send data regarding passenger volume, bus station statuses, and driver's behavior to help Guiyang Public Traffic Company with operation and dispatch.

From May 5 to 29, the bus will stop at Liuguangmen, Yunyan Square, Pengshuichi, Dashizi, the former site of Dade School, Guiyang First Hospital, Daximen, Renmin Avenue (middle), the intersection of Qianling West Road, Renmin Avenue (north), and Liuguangmen bus station.

From May 29 to September, the bus will run between Beijing Road, Huansha Road, Jiefang Road, and Baoshan Road.

The bus will operate between Wednesday to Sunday and run twice per day. Interested riders can take the bus according to the signs on the bus stations. Each bus can take 15 passengers only to ensure they can have a high-tech riding experience.

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