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Big data contributes to flood control and drought resistance

( eguizhou.gov.cn)

Updated: 2019-04-22

Thanks to the monitoring and warning system for flood control and drought resistance developed by Southwest China's Guizhou province, China can now release early warnings for floods in small watersheds within 15 minutes.

The system is based on big data and AI technologies and covers 520,000 small watersheds, 50,000 small and medium rivers and 6.7 million cross sections.

Currently, an emergency command network covers the whole province of Guizhou by connecting the platform with government departments at all levels. The system has also realized real-time monitoring of key industries, areas and roads, and identified 2,000 hidden perils.

Located in the watershed between the Yangtze River and the Pearl River basins, Guizhou has an average rainfall of 1,179 millimeters and experiences flood and mountain torrents in small and medium rivers.

According to the big data analysis and forecasts by the system, precipitation in Guizhou is estimated to reach 1,250 mm to 1,350 mm this year, with the largest volume occurring in Zunyi city, Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture and Tongren city.

Relying on the system, Guizhou will enhance emergency rescue efforts based on different classifications and areas, and establish risk classification control, hidden peril investigation and safety production management systems for companies.

Guizhou aims to establish a relatively completely emergency management system by 2020, and provide comprehensive data, dynamic monitoring, intelligent early warning, rapid disposal, and precise supervision of emergency management by 2022.

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