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Guizhou achieves 5G communication

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Updated: 2019-04-23

China Mobile's Guizhou branch successfully made the first phone call on a 5G network on April 19, signifying that Guizhou has the ability to provide 5G communication service.

With cooperation with Huawei, China Mobile's Guizhou branch made the first point-to-point voice call and three-way voice call on a 5G pilot network in the province, and then made the first trans-provincial HD video call with China Mobile's Guangxi branch on that day.

Guizhou achieves 5G communication
A phone shows it is connected to a 5G network in downtown Guiyang. [Photo/gog.cn]

China Mobile's Guizhou branch has set up a 5G pilot network in the main areas of Guizhou and has provided experience centers to showcase the latest application of 5G technology.

Currently, the 5G network provided by China Mobile has covered core areas in downtown Guiyang and is applied by many cities and prefectures in Guizhou. China Mobile is dedicated to accelerating the construction of a 5G network, and expand their covering area to meet the demands of society.

Guizhou achieves 5G communication
A consumer experiences 5G equipment at China Mobile's experience center. [Photo/gog.cn]

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