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Kweichou Moutai retains the title of Top 10 Chinese Listed Company

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Updated: 2018-12-17

At the 2018 China Central Television (CCTV) Financial Forum Chinese Listed Companies Summit, held in Beijing on Dec 12, Kweichou Moutai Co from Southwest China's Guizhou province ranked third in the Top 10 Chinese Listed Companies.

The company also won the honor in 2017, proving the quality and investment value of Kweichou Moutai in China's capital market.

Kweichou Moutai Co was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in August 2001, and became the world's highest market value wine company thanks to the rapid development of China's economy and support from investors.

Kweichou Moutai retains the title of Top 10 Chinese Listed Company

Li Jingren (R3), chairman of Kweichou Moutai Co, receives the award on behalf of the company. [Photo/people.com.cn]

Over the past 17 years, Kweichou Moutai has enjoyed the achievements of reform and opening-up along with other outstanding listed companies, and shared bonuses totaling over 50 billion yuan ($7.26 billion) with investors.

According to Li Jingren, chairman of Kweichou Moutai Co, the company strives to improve the Moutai brand as a member of the real economy, contribute to supply-side structural reform, and meet the expectations of billions of investors.

The Top 10 Chinese Listed Company rankings are based on an evaluation of a company's independent innovation, international market reach, profitability and shareholder returns, especially the abilities of service providing, value creating and risk aversion.

Around 20 experts from CCTV Financial and representatives from professional investment organizations voted for the 3,500 candidates during the first round of selection this year.

Authorities such as China Association for Public Companies (CAPCO) examined the supervisory and financial records of the candidates and came up with the top 10 listed companies this year.

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