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First chip made in Guizhou realizes volume production

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Updated: 2018-11-29

At a new product launch event held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing on Nov 27, Guizhou Huaxintong Semiconductor Technologies Co announced the volume production of its homemade commercial chip StarDragon 4800.

Part of the first generation of Huaxintong's products, StarDragon 4800 is a 48 core processor chip compatible with ARMv8 (Advanced RISC Machine), which belongs to the family of reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architectures.

First chip made in Guizhou realizes volume production
StarDragon 4800 on display at the product launch event on Nov 27. [Photo/todayguizhou.com]

StarDragon 4800 has excellent CPU design and performance. It adopts the advanced packaging technology of 10 nanometer node, which can integrate 18 billion transistors in a 400 square millimeter silicon pellet and execute around 500 billion instructions per second.

The characteristics of low power consumption and high performance make StarDragon 4800 competitive with mainstream high-end chips for servers in the international market.

In addition, the crypto module integrated inside StarDragon 4800 meets the standards of China's commercial cryptographic algorithms. Together with a safe and controllable infrastructure, the chip can guarantee the information security of application systems.

First chip made in Guizhou realizes volume production
Visitors check out the intelligent devices adopting StarDragon 4800. [Photo/todayguizhou.com]

Huaxintong has cooperated with hardware, software and application companies, who have offered positive feedback of StarDragon 4800 in big data analysis, web front-end development, distributed storage, android cloud, virtual private networks and trusted security.

According to Huaxintong, StarDragon 4800 is aiming for the data center server markets, such as internet, e-government affairs website, telecom operators and large companies, which will have need for server chip localization in the future.

First chip made in Guizhou realizes volume production

Huaxintong announces the volume production of StarDragon 4800 in Beijing on Nov 27. [Photo/todayguizhou.com]

Huaxintong was jointly established by Guizhou province and Qualcomm, an advanced technology company from the United States. Huaxintong is registered in Guian New Area, Guizhou province and has branches in Beijing and Shanghai.

The Guian-based company focuses on the design, R&D and marketing of advanced server chips in China, and strives to improve the capacity of the chip industry and the environment of the integrated circuit industry.

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