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Guizhou technology company receives survey-mapping qualification

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Updated: 2018-11-19

Map Space, a technology company in Guian New Area, Guizhou received the highest survey and mapping qualification on Nov 13 and has been officially recognized as a high-tech company.

The Department of Survey and Mapping will take scale, business performance, technology and other factors into consideration when deciding what level of qualification to grant a company.

The highest survey and mapping qualification allows the company to conduct geodetic surveys, aerial photography, photographic surveys, remote sensing and other professional activities. Map Space is the third private company in Guizhou to receive the qualification.

As a startup company focusing on low altitude remote sensing imaging acquisition equipment development and high resolution titled multi-angle remote sensing image acquisition, the company produces high quality real 3D geospatial model data.

The data have been widely applied in areas of government decision-making, planning and construction, public security, smart tourism, disaster prevention and mitigation, and targeted poverty alleviation, which promotes economic development in Guizhou.

Relying on the support of Guian New Area, the company has achieved an output value of 800,000 yuan ($115,143), eight million yuan and 30 million in the last three years, respectively.

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