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Basha Miao village

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Updated: 2018-10-10

Basha Miao village is located in Bingmei town in Congjiang county, Guizhou province. It consists of five natural villages that worship trees as their god. The Basha Miao village is surrounded by ancient trees, beautiful scenery and peaceful environment.

Basha Miao village

Men of Basha dress as ancient warriors with black waistcoats and straight black trousers.[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

The Basha people are said to be the descendants of Chi You, a mythological warrior in ancient China, and have traditions dating back 2000 years.

Men of Basha dress as ancient warriors with black waistcoats and straight black trousers as well as swords, hunting dogs, and firelocks.

Women of Basha wear black pair shirts and pleated skirts, which are simple but embroidered with bright colors. Basha people have many distinctive customs and rituals. Their major festivals include Miao New Year, Swing Festival and Lusheng Festival.

Basha Miao village

A photo of a local Basha man. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Basha Miao village was among the first wave of tourist areas to be developed by Congjiang county and is a key ethnic village protected by the Guizhou provincial government. It is a national 4A (China's second highest grade) tourist attraction and was selected as a top 10 tourist resort for Chinese singles, ranking after Lijiang, Yangshuo and Dali.

Basha Miao village is renowned as a "living fossil" and "museum" of Miao culture for its unique local residents and women's headwear. Ancient civilization and modern civilization are in coexistence in the village, making it an ideal destination for travel.


Admission: 80 yuan ($11.55)/person

Address: Bingmei town, Congjiang county, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture, Guizhou province


High-speed rail: 87.5 yuan, 1.5 hours

Self-driving: Xiarong highway, 3 hours

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