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Liupanshui exports 350 tons of kiwi fruit to Russia

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Updated: 2018-09-04

A kiwi fruit deal worth 14 million yuan ($2.05 million) was successfully signed at a kiwi fruit promotional meeting held in Liupanshui city of Guizhou province on Aug 27. 350 tons of Liupanshui Red Kiwi Fruit will be exported to Russia, with the first 40 tons sent on Sept 6.

Duan Changyong, chairman of Guizhou-based Qianheng Agricultural Development Co Ltd, said that quality is the key factor for Liupanshui Red Kiwi Fruit to be exported from mountainous Guizhou to Russia.

After several visits to different countries to seek out quality agricultural products, Vladimir Cui, manager of a Russian international trading company, came to Liupanshui in June. He said that Liupanshui Red Kiwi Fruit was excellent in taste, quality and shape compared with other kinds after he successively inspected the local kiwi fruit industry on six occasions.

"High altitude and a big temperature difference provides a favorable environment for kiwi fruit growth in Liupanshui. Fruit is a kind of luxury in Russia and I believe that quality Liupanshui Red Kiwi Fruit will be popular in the country," said Cui.

He also hoped that the sales channel could be opened with more agricultural products to be exported to Russia after this deal.

In addition, three companies from Russia signed sales agreements worth 14 million yuan with Guizhou Qianheng Agricultural Development Co Ltd. A total of 350 tons Liupanshui Red Kiwi Fruit will be exported to Russia with an average price of 40 yuan per kilogram.

The Red Kiwi Fruit is one of Liupanshui's characteristic agricultural products. It was recognized by AQSIQ as a National Protection of Geographical Indications Product in 2012. Currently, different kinds of Liupanshui agricultural products are sold to big cities in China, as well as foreign countries including Canada and Thailand.

Zhao Yandi contributed to this story

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