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Israel to debut at big data expo

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2018-05-07

Israel will attend the 2018 China International Big Data Expo in Guiyang city for the first time, according to the event's organizing committee. Six Israeli big data enterprises will demonstrate their advanced technologies.

An Israel exhibition hall has been set up to provide specialized areas for the six big data enterprises, ChromaWay, Check Point, ironSource, Mobileye-an Intel Company, TapReaso and TRIG, which specialize in big data for unmanned technology, artificial intelligence, network security, blockchains and e-commerce.

ChromaWay is a supplier for blockchain technology. Its targeted customers are large multinational financial institutions and enterprises in the Asia Pacific region. At present, it has operation teams in Shanghai and Suzhou and plans to broaden its market in East China's Jiangsu province and southwestern China.

Check Point focuses on network security. It provides protective services for more than 100,000 organizations in different fields.

Founded in 2010, ironSource builds the world's leading video advertising platforms. With its help, more than 1.2 billion users get the chance to acquire a global business for free.

TRIG is an outstanding company for talent education and training. It provides quality training solutions and cutting-edge assessment technologies for an R&D center of Fortune 500 executives. In 2007, TRIG registered in China with headquarters in Shanghai and its branches in Beijing.

It is reported that a cooperative convention for big data startups will be held at the Israel exhibition hall from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm, on May 26 and 27. Appointments should be made in advance. Please contact Ms Huang at 028-68719518 or email jie.huang@israeltrade.gov.il.

Zhao Yandi contributed to the story.

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