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Edible mushrooms promoted in Guiyang

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Updated: 2018-03-27

A green agricultural product exhibition focusing on edible mushrooms was held in Guiyang on March 22, attracting 55 Guizhou-based edible mushroom plantations and 30 processing enterprises and purchasers from other provinces.

The exhibition aims to build a platform for the production and marketing of Guizhou's green agricultural products and to give edible mushrooms a broad market.

In recent years, infrastructure of transportation and cold chains in Guizhou has been constantly improved, which has boosted the development of the mushroom industry.

The advantages of geography and climate also add to the core competitiveness the province's agricultural products have in building a green and organic brand.

"We will expand the market of agricultural products to respond to the program of rural revitalization, especially in markets of the eastern developed areas in China," said Shen Xinguo, deputy director of the Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce.

He said that quality and safety of agricultural products deserve the utmost attention to ensure the development of the mushrooms industry.

Edible mushrooms promoted in Guiyang

A green agricultural product exhibition focusing on edible mushrooms is held in Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou province, on March 22. [Photo/gz.xinhuanet.com]

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