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Green development runs through Guian New Area

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Updated: 2017-11-07

With three years of efforts, Gui'an New Area has become a livable place with the harmonious coexistence of urbanity and nature.

Gui'an New Area is a National Demonstration Area of Inland Opening-up Economy set up in 2014, located between Guiyang and Anshun, Guizhou province.

As the only national demonstration area bearing the strategic mission of ecological civilization demonstration, Gui'an always adheres to the ecological red line and puts the construction of ecological civilization through the whole process of the area's development.

Green development runs through Guian New Area

With three years of efforts, Gui'an New Area has become livable place with the harmonious coexistence of urbanity and nature. [Photo by Liu Qijun / www.qx162.com]

Since it was established, Gui'an New Area has increased the green area of more than 200,000 mu and completed nearly 50,000 mu of afforestation. The environmental quality remained stable in its straight district, with stable ambient air quality reaching second class and above and stability of drinking water source reaching second class.

"Green Thought" makes Gui'an beautiful

Gui'an New Area plans to close and remove 47 industrial and mining enterprises in the second protection area of drinking water before the end of this year to speed up enterprise transformation and protect the environment.

Since the beginning of this year, Gui'an has already decided for five high pollution projects, which are worth 1.77 billion yuan ($267.6 million).

At the end of 2014, Gui'an has published the implementation plan to build ecological civilization demonstration area and the negative list of ecological environment. These documents have become the base of the comprehensively promotion of ecological civilization construction in Gui'an.

It also set the target to protect all the resources from mountain, sky, water and field. Moreover, Gui'an has also become the first city to showcase ecological landscape of mountain characteristic in its city construction.

Gui'an has been approved to be a construction pilot of sponge city. As of now, there are 75 construction projects in Gui'an, 19 of which have been completed.

In 2017, Gui'an set the goal of cleaning all the river systems, including 14 rivers, 131 lakes, 515 pools and 219 underground springs.

"Green Economy" promotes Gui'an's economic development

By optimizing the industrial layout and industrial structure, Gui'an New Area focuses on cultivating a series of industries including a new generation of electronic information industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new energy and new materials industry, and new medical and health industry.

For the development of the environment management industry, Gui'an also established a standard system for green manufacturing to improve the green standards of products of the whole life cycle, from the design, manufacturing, use, recycling to the remanufacturing.

Thanks to its beautiful scenery and the government's guide of rural tourism's development, Pingzhai Village in Gui'an New Area has become a village that combines leisure and cultural tourism, while also becoming a model of ecological enrichment.

Green development runs through Guian New Area

Gui'an is putting a lot of efforts towards to developing high-end industries. The picture shows the super charging station set up in Gui'an New Area. [Photo by Zhou Yuanjie / www.qx162.com]

In regards to tourism development, Gui'an not only makes full use of its fresh air, cool weather and high-quality natural ecological resources, but also makes full use of traditional industries of assets and resources.

The old factory has been transformed into Guizhou International Folk Art Exhibition Park, to create a complex cultural tourism spot for folk cultural art exhibition, sales, conference, exchange, creation, education and other functions.

"Green bonus" to enhance the locals' happiness

In September, the grape picking time of Wangjiayuan village in Gui'an New Area came to an end. Sun Guichuan, a villager, has sold thousand grams of grapes in mere two months. Relying on the development of grape ecological industry, Wangjiayuan village's per capita annual income was nearly 16,000 yuan ($2400) last year.

Green development runs through Guian New Area

Grape planting makes villagers in Wangjiayuan village richer. Last year, the per capita annual income of the village reached 16000 yuan. [Photo by Zhou Yuanjie / www.qx162.com]

Gui'an strives to make the place a modern ecological civilized city with beautiful ecological environment and livable urban space, allowing people to have rich lives and enjoy the greenery.

To strengthen the wisdom of urban infrastructure construction, Gui'an promotes the application of Internet of Things, cloud computing, large data and other new generation of information technology to achieve the precise management of city lighting, greening irrigation, parking guidelines, traffic guidance and gas leakage, water leakage and other aspects.

To speed up the construction of community cloud platform, Gui'an builds the first intelligence community to improve different services' network supply and promote community governance more refined.

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