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Wang Yangming's thought still shines in modern days

By Yang Fan ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-10-19

Ancient philosophies can also solve modern problems as profound insights may never be behind the times.

The philosophy of Wang Yangming, who stressed the intuitive conscience, is one that can help people keep a clear mind in modern days, praised Xu Jialu, head of the China Academy of Culture Limited, at the academic forum on Wang’s thoughts held in Beijing on Oct 15.

With a theme of “Human Intelligence and Common Fate”, the forum invited scholars, entrepreneurs and philanthropists to exchange opinions on the practical application of Wang’s philosophy.

The local governments of the places where Wang once lived provided support to the forum. Officials from Guizhou and Zhejiang provinces, the two most significant places for Wang, also delivered speeches.

Wang is regarded as a sage from Chinese history, together with the better known Confucius and Menci. He is responsible for notable achievements in philosophy, literature, military thought and education.

Born in Zhejiang province, Wang became famous for his talents at a very young age. In his thirties, however, due to the protest of a eunuch, he was exiled to Xiuwen, Guizhou province, a rather backward place at the time. It was here that he set up his famous philosophy school.

Wang's philosophy was rather popular among scholars, causing Xiuwen county’s renown to increase as a result. People still come to the county today to have a look at the cave on Qixia Mountain where Wang developed his beliefs.

Wang Yangming's thought still shines in modern days

Head of the China Academy of Culture Limited,Xu Jialu, speaks about Wang Yangming’s philosophy at the forum held in Beijing on Oct 15. [Photo/culture.gog.cn]

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