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Kiwifruit becomes Xiuwen’s business card

By Li Jiaxu and Yang Fan ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-10-14

Xiuwen county in Guizhou province played host to the second Kiwifruit Festival on Oct 12.

During the festival, tourists were welcomed to take a tour around a kiwifruit orchard and taste the fruit. They were also able to have a look at quality inspection, packaging and storage processes.

In recent years, the county has been working to enhance the competitiveness of its kiwifruit by adopting standard and advanced production equipment and a big data monitoring system.

In 2016, the kiwifruit planting area in Xiuwen reached 10,667 hectares, producing more than 25 million kilograms of product. One hundred boxes of kiwifruits were airlifted to Hong Kong and Taiwan on Sept 30, a further step in brand building.

Kiwifruit becomes Xiuwen’s business card

A tourist photographs kiwifruit in a Xiuwen fruit orchard. [Photo provided to chindadaily.com.cn]

Edited  by Peter Nordlinger

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