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Huge flash mob recreates famous Long March battle in Guizhou

By Yang Fan ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-09-07

A famous feat conducted by the Red Army during a battle was recreated in the form of a flash mob in Chishui city, Guizhou province on Sunday.

The flash mob aimed to recreate the battle where the Red Army crossed Chishui River four times to outwit advancing imperialist forces 81 years ago.

The battle proved to be a turning point of the Long March and helped the Red Army break out of an enemy encirclement.

During the flash mob, the chorus of the Long March Song played out on the banks of the torrential river and an 800-strong group of men in military uniform marched forward. The scenes quickly captured the attention of passers-by as the uniformed men fought off enemies heroically and waved flags during the 14 minute recreation.

“We tried to recreate the battle by taking the advantage of the geographical conditions,” explained Zhang Lu, the general director of the flash mob.

A video of the battle recreation quickly amassed more than 400,000 views in less than 12 hours.

Among the lucky audience members were more than 20 college students from China and the United States, who were taking part in a Long March experience activity. The group had previously visited Guizhou’s Liping, Weng’an and Zunyi to mark the 80th anniversary of the victory of Long March and the China-US Tourism Year, before happening upon the flash mob.

Jerry from US was excited about the flash mob and said that he was lucky enough to attend the Long March experience during his first China trip.

“It’s so impressive and I have made a lot of friends at here. I’ll miss them,” he said.

Huge flash mob recreates famous Long March battle in Guizhou

Students from US take selfie after the flash mob. [Photo/xinhuanet.com]

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