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Asia's third largest manganese ore deposit discovered in Guizhou

By Huang Qun ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-07-19

A 106-million-ton manganese ore deposit was recently discovered in Songtao Miao autonomous county, Guizhou province, the third largest deposit of its kind ever found in Asia, according to the Guizhou Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral and Development.

Early in 1950s, the largest manganese deposit in Asia was discovered in Guizhou’s Qiandong district and Tongren city, allowing the area to prosper, however the ore supply has dried up in recent years.

In 2008, the Guizhou government launched a survey to explore the area in order to find any remaining reserves. The exploration covered some 239,000 square meters by the end of 2015, leading to the discovery of four rich manganese ore deposits.

Located in the northeast part of Guizhou, Songtao is an area with little economic strength. The discovery of the ore is expected to boost the local economy and lift many people out of poverty.

Asia's third largest manganese ore deposit discovered in Guizhou

Experts investigate manganese ore deposits in Songtao. [Photo/ dsb.gzdsw.com]

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