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Eco Forum participants highly evaluate Green Guiyang

By Huang Qun ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-07-14

Guizhou’s capital of Guiyang wrapped up the Eco Forum Global Annual Conference on July 10, leaving deep impressions on attendees from around the world.

In written notes, global visitors to the city commented on their impressions over the two-day conference. Here’s what they had to say:

“I am very impressed by the number of trees. It is very GREEN! This is very excellent for people and wildlife.”  – Professor Roge Trescot from Australia.

“I have very impression towards green city, Guiyang. It really is a Green City!” – Professor Sidora, director of Laos Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, from Laos.

“The word ‘beauty’ explains Guiyang best.” – Hu Jingzhong, sales manager of Hebei Hire Medical Equipment Tech Co, Ltd.

Professor Li Huaxia from the National Tsinghua University Communication Center said that he came to Guiyang five years ago for the first time and has witnessed its fast development in recent years. He enjoyed the local ecological environment and anchored his great hope on Guiyang’s infrastructure construction and big data industry.

Eco Forum participants highly evaluate Green Guiyang

Professor Roge Trescot from Australia praised Guiyang for its wildlife habitations. [Photo/gzdsw.com]

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