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Policies launched to lure big data talents

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Updated: 2016-05-10

Guiyang, capital of China's southwestern Guizhou province, plans to boost its big data industry with stronger government support and larger economic incentives, Guiyang Daily reported.

The city plans to select and cultivate more than 10 leading talents, 100 innovators, 1,000 excellent experts and 10,000 specialized workers by 2018.

The talent recruitment and cultivating program for big data experts was launched by the Guiyang people's government in early May.

One of the sub-programs of the plan, the "10 Talent Plan", aims to select more than 10 big data industry leaders who boast mastery of both domestic and overseas cutting-edge technologies. The selected people and their projects are expected to receive a maximum of 1 million yuan ($153,700) within three years.

The "100 Talent Plan" will focus on innovative and pioneering entrepreneurs as well as experts in big data companies and research institutions in Guiyang. They will receive a fund and rent subsidy of different amounts based on their innovation prospects and development potential.

More than 1,000 big data experts with rich experience and strong learning ability will be selected to attend trainings including theoretical learning, field investigation, and practice. It is expected that under the "1,000 Talent Plan", each large enterprise and public institution in Guiyang will have at least one worker proficient in big data knowledge.

The "10,000 Talent Plan" lays its emphasis on basic manpower. The city will recruit from colleges, universities, vocational colleges and training institutions, and train more than 10,000 skilled workers and technicians in big data industry.

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