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Miao-Dong ethnic cultural tourism under spotlight

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Updated: 2016-05-04

A series of tourism promotion activities kicked off in Liping county, Miao-Dong autonomous prefecture of Qiandongnan in Southwest China's Guizhou province, on April 28.

Various performances showcased the unique culture of the Miao and Dong ethnic groups in Guizhou, while conferences and fairs were held to explore the great potential of Guizhou tourism and attract investment.

Located at the junction of three provinces, Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi, Liping has the largest Dong population in China; 71 percent of all 530,000 residents are from the Dong ethnic group.

Liping boasts a colorful ethnic culture, pleasant natural landscape, and a long history with a rich revolutionary heritage: it is therefore a core tourism development zone in Guizhou.

With the Guiyang-Guangzhou High Speed Rail and Xiamen-Chengdu, Liping-Luoxiang and Sansui-Liping Highways opening to traffic, and more flights departing and arriving in Liping Airport, tourism in Linping has achieved even more rapid development.

Statistics from the local tourism authority show that the number of tourists in Liping soared to 2.63 million in 2015 from 1.28 million in 2011, a 26.2 percent growth; the gross tourism income increased to 1.67 billion yuan ($257.92 million) from 733 million yuan, up 31.96 percent, and the per-capita net income in villages rose to 6,587 yuan from 3,940 yuan.

Miao-Dong ethnic cultural tourism under spotlight

Belgian pianist Jean-Francois Maljean plays Dong folk songs with Dong girls in Liping county in Guizhou province, on April 28.

Miao-Dong ethnic cultural tourism under spotlight

People of Dong ethnicity perform songs and dances.

Miao-Dong ethnic cultural tourism under spotlight

Girls are dressed in Dong ethnic costumes.

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