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Guiyang airport utilizes big data to improve its service

By Li Xiaoxu ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-04-25

Guiyang Longdengbao International Airport's official WeChat account "Guiyang Airport Company" has 34,000 followers and is part of the airport company's drive to build a big data platform to better serve the passengers.

Passengers who subscribe to the official account can get self-service such as ticket reservations, check-ins, seat-choices, and information on scheduled flights or freight shipments. Moreover, they can also browse information about the airport food and shopping, make hotel reservations, and receive traffic information about the downtown area and some regions of Guizhou province.

Compared with the traditional notifications, such as scrolling messages on LED and information from the radio, the WeChat account is a more convenient approach for passengers.

The account was opened in November 2015 and is also seen as an important platform for the "smart airport" development strategy of Guiyang Airport Group Co.

More functions and intelligent service such as trip planning management, route planning and navigation will be added to the account to establish a seamless service chain for passengers to Guiyang, said Li Xiaofeng, the vice president of the Information Engineering Corporation of Airport Group Co.

All these functions are expected to be on trial by May 20.

The Guiyang Airport Group Co aims to build a big data service platform centering on the WeChat account and also using website, micro blogs and different apps. Based on the collection, analysis and utilization of big data more efficient services will be available in the near future.

Edited by Peter Nordlinger

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