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Expectations of Guizhou delegations to the NPC

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Updated: 2016-03-08

Some Guizhou provincial delegates to the National People's Congress, which is taking place in Beijing March 5-15, have shared their opinions on the meeting and their ideas on what they want for their under-developed province, from local cultural and spiritual civilization to infrastructure and rural transport to e-commerce.

For one delegate, Ouyang Qiansen, a vice-chairman of the provincial Federation of Literary and Art Groups, "soft power" in the form of culture is important and "the foundation of China" as represented by Guizhou's mysterious diverse cultures. As a literature and art expert, he says the State could do more to develop culture and civilization as part of local government.

On a similar note, Wang Jichao wants to focus on the Yi ethnic group, as director of the Bijie Yi research center, he says that the Yi are an indispensable part of local culture so they should get support from the central government to protect their traditions, and concludes, "I hope Yi culture can last a long time."

Things are a bit different for Jin Gang, an assistant GM of the Wengfu Co, who says he hopes for rural transportation development so that all villages in Guizhou have access to better roads, while Liang Wentong says he agrees with Jin, because as a farmer, he needs more convenient transportation. He expressed his delight with being able to travel to Beijing by high-speed train because “it used to take three days to get to the annual NPC meeting,” then concludes, "I'm just a farmer who is not good with words but wish to see a better livelihood for farmers," referring to State support for the breeding industry.

A fellow farmer, Zhang Guoying, from Yanhe county, says that the important thing is environmental protection and poverty-relief through e-commerce, because every household has an orchard and she hopes they can get better roads to improve village life and help them sell their fruits.

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