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Guizhou highlights achievements at government two sessions

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Updated: 2016-03-03

Guizhou province is looking at its accomplishment last year, as the National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference meetings approach.

In the sector of tourism industry, its successful 10th Guizhou tourism industry development conference held last July in Anshu has introduced 28 tourism programs, worth a total of 33.13-billion yuan ($5.06 billion), thanks to its abundant of resources.

As for its big data industry, the "Guizhou on cloud" contains 542 servers with 3,000 virtual cloud servers that reflect its software and IT development. It has a storage capacity of up to 3,000TB and, while it is a less-developed province, it has spent 12.9 billion yuan on information infrastructure to increase its Internet bandwidth to 3,060Gbps.

Guizhou says it considers technological services important and is setting up nine engineering research centers and six province industrial technology innovation leagues. It also considers information technology a major player in the province and, as of December of last year, its income from telecommunications reached 48.11 billion yuan, for a 35.9-percent year-on-year increase, and 12.51 billion yuan above its target figure. There was also eye-catching growth in the software and IT industry worth 26 billion yuan, for a 73-percent growth over the previous year.

It also saw progress in the financial sector last year and, even though it is a poor province and faces a lot of challenges, it has opportunities as well and has made good use of a government-finance-enterprises model to increase its financial strength and saw 10.11 billion yuan worth of low-interest foreign capital influx in 2015, saving 100 million yuan on interest. It also had nine rural commercial banks open as well as 28 branch community banks and it restructured 10 rural credit unions, bringing financial convenience to companies.

Thanks to government support, it now has more than 100 leading enterprises working with banks on projects and is promoting around 100 public-private partnerships (PPP) worth as much as 162.84-billion yuan. By December 2015, financial institutions in the province had made 1.50 trillion yuan in loans, up 21.7-percent from the previous year. One project, "Attracting capital to Guizhou", has strengthened local finances and the province has introduced 16 security and financial institutions.

In health care, one of its most important fields, it saw more than 270 new developments in 2015, including Mount Fanjing, known for restorative properties are under development.

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