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SW China pioneering in big data

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Updated: 2016-02-03

Guizhou province, which saw 37-percent growth in the big data industry in 2015, from 2014, has come up with a 5-year plan for big data with the idea of being pioneer in the industry in China.

The Guizhou provincial development and reform commission announcing that the province made 200-billion yuan ($30.4 billion) from big data last year, and saying that it expects to reach 500-billion over the next 5 years, for 20-percent year-on-year growth.

Thanks to its effort, Guizhou got 17,000 enterprises and 25 industrial zones in IT-related businesses and a number of innovative initiatives, for example, the Guiyang big data Exchange in the capital city, China's first local big data regulations, and a pilot zone with a laboratory for big data construction.

At this year's People's Congress and Political Consultative Conference sessions, big data and poverty alleviation are the province's two strategic actions for economic development, and the head of the provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, Ma Ningyu, has pointed out that pilot zones, big data, service centers, and the use of big data in traditional industries will demonstrate big data's use in development.

Huang Changxiang, the member of the provincial People's Congress, says that the call center and e-commerce will accelerate big data development, to which Ma adds, "Guizhou can be a leader in big data development since its big data and technology applications are keeping pace with developed countries," then concludes by saying it can lay a foundation for the State's data industry.

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