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Internet helps emerging industries

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Updated: 2015-10-28

Zheng Qiaoying, a peasant in deep Wuling Mountain, now promotes her hometown's agricultural products online.

The same is happening in Miao and Dong villages, which are rich in folk artworks and crafts. A cross-border online store now attracts thousands of customers from the US and South Korea.

Taobao, a Chinese website for online shopping , has established a rural service and operation center. It provides a crucial platform for peasants like Zheng to do business, boosts agriculture and improves distribution between village and city.

Alibaba has set up 84 Taobao service centers and realized 8 million yuan($1.26 million) of online deals in Guizhou's Tongren , since the first service center opened this year.

The second largest online retailer in China, JD, settled its 1 billion- yuan($157.4 million) e-commerce zone in Guiyang, the capital of the province, integrating operations, smart logistics and local purchasing.

Sheng Guoliang, the project manager of the zone, said 18 categories of products will benefit.

A promising electronics market is emerging after Guiyang approved the national e-commerce pilot city to benefit related enterprises.

From favorable policies and regulations to infrastructure construction, Guiyang is improving to meet the demands of Internet industrial development.

Booming e-commerce programs in Guiyang are predicted to reach 60 billion yuan ($9.45 billion) in transaction value in the year.

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