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Building collapse in Guizhou caused by landslide: govt

( Xinhua )

Updated: 2015-05-23

GUIYANG - A fatal building collapse, which killed 16 people, in southwest China's Guiyang City was the result of a rain-triggered landslide, local authorities confirmed Saturday.

An initial investigation has concluded that the accident was a geological disaster caused by heavy rain, said Du Zhihua, director of Guiyang land and resources bureau.

The landslide caused the building to collapse and the ruins of the building were on top of the landslide debris, Du said.

The apartment buildings were built under the approval of the city's planning bureau in 2001. The project land use is legitimate, Du said.

The nine-story building in central Guiyang, home to 114 residents, collapsed at 11:30 am Wednesday.

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