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Guizhou to build 1,000 left-behind children service centers

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Updated: 2015-02-15

Southwest China's Guizhou province will build 1,000 service centers for left-behind children in 2015, according to the Guizhou Education Department on February 11.

The service center will take care of left-behind children while their parents are working in cities.

In line with the requirements of the Guizhou Education Department, the newly-built service centers must establish sound profiles for left-behind children, and routine maintenance of equipment in the service centers should be planned to ensure they are in good condition for the safety of the children.

The improvement of living and education management, psychological counseling, safety and health all provide a better environment for left-behind children.

Boarding, food and education for left-behind children should be taken as priorities, and all these children should and must have access to education.

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