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Orthopedic practices to apply 3D printing technology

By Li Yang ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2014-11-18

Guizhou Normal University and Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital signed a cooperative agreement on digital orthopedic practices.

Orthopedic practices to apply 3D printing technology

A skeleton model is printed through the joint effort of three 3D printers in the digital orthopedic laboratory of Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital.[Photo/gzgov.gov.cn]

Based on the data collected from CT scanning, an orthopedist can build body parts models with 3D printing technology. A surgeon can simulate an operation based on the model, which can largely improve the success rate of surgery.

The 3D animation technology cannot only apply in movies and games, but can also apply in the medical field.

Guizhou Normal University has introduced the 3D animation technology to medical study, which opens new space for medical research.

Currently, the faculty staff of the medical department of Guizhou Normal University can expertly apply 3D printing technology to orthopedic surgery. In the near future, Guizhou Normal University plans to apply 3D printing technology and reverse engineering to bone tissue engineering and bone reconstruction research.

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