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McDonald to l open fast food chain in Guiyang

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Updated: 2014-01-15

The Guiyang Municipal Human Resources Market reported on Jan 9 that McDonald will open one or two chains in Guiyang in the first half year of 2014. The personnel recruitment will start after the Spring Festival.

The project leader is very satisfied with the 8 sites recommended by Guiyang’s related functional departments and is selecting the optimal site for McDonald in Nanming, Yunyan and Guanshanhu district in Guiyang. It is expected that 20 McDonald fast food restaurants will be settled in Guiyang within 3 to 5 years.

It is not the first time that McDonald raises ths idea. Early in 2003, the world fast food chain tried but end of no results. After several attempts in the past ten years, McDonald and Guiyang both seem to have made fully preparations. The public hope that McDonald fast food restaurant can be settled in Guiyang this year.

McDonald is a world-famous fast food chain brand with about 30,000branches around the world.

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