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Talent advantage

Updated: 2013-10-25

Over the years, the provincial government has vigorously implemented the talents-reinforcing-province strategy and accelerated talent squad construction, focusing on carrying out a series of talent cultivation measures, such as the Four-First Project, New Century Millions Talents Project, West Light Talents Cultivation Plan, Double Five Hundred Project, and Excellent Young Science and Technology Talent Cultivation Plan. The quantity of talent is continuously expanding. There are no less than 1.98 million talented professional over the whole province, including 165,000 Party and government personnel, 180,000 enterprise management personnel, 784,200 professional technology personnel, 545,100 skilled personnel (including 130,000 high-tech talents), 301,900 rural practical talents, and more than 1,200 talents with doctoral degrees. The gross talent resources cover 8.59 percent of the professional population.
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