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Introduction of city leaders

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Introduction of city leaders

Mayor: Tang Yunshu


Presides over the work of the Hechi Municipal People's Government including public sector reform, supervision, finance and audit work for the local government. He is also in charge of the city's national defense mobilization committee.

Introduction of city leaders

Executive vice mayor: Li Chu


Deals with day-to-day government affairs and is responsible for assisting the mayor in public sector reform, finance and audit work; in charge of development and reform, the local branch of State Statistics Bureau, urban and rural housing construction, municipal administration and reception work.

Introduction of city leaders

Deputy mayor: Lu Haisheng


In charge of human resources, social security, tourism, education, culture, press, publication, radio, film and TV, sports, investment promotion, as well as women and children welfare.

Introduction of city leaders

Deputy mayor (temporary): Li Jianshe


Responsible for ethnic affairs, foreign affairs, state-owned assets management, housing fund, public services for the industrial sector and enterprises; also oversees Taiwan-related affairs, construction of Longtan Power Station, electrical utilities, maritime affairs, shipping, bank-related work and insurance.

Introduction of city leaders

Deputy mayor: Wei Zulin


Responsible for technology, civil affairs, commerce, sanitation, family planning, medical supervision and control and marketing management.

Introduction of city leaders

Deputy mayor: Zhong Hong


Responsible for industry, land resources, environmental protection, transportation, mineral resources exploitation and management.

Introduction of city leaders

Deputy mayor: Chen Jiyong


Responsible for the poverty-relief work of Du'an Yao autonomous county.

Introduction of city leaders

Deputy mayor: Li Fengyun


Responsible for rural and agricultural work, poverty alleviation, resettlement in reservoir area and mediation work.


Deputy mayor (temporary): Gu Nanzhou


Responsible for the poverty relief cooperation between Shenzhen and Hechi.


Deputy Mayor (temporary): Huang Yunhong


Responsible for finance, housing fund management, industrial enterprise-related services.

Introduction of city leaders

Member of the CPC leading group of Hechi: Luo Qiquan


Responsible for public security, judicial work and safety production.

 Introduction of city leaders  

Assistant mayor (temporary): Wang Naiyue


Assists local government with tourism work, and water conservancy work.

 Introduction of city leaders  Secretary-genearl: Kong Jianzhong

Bama Yao autonomous county has been honored as “China’s longevity village”.