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  • Luocheng primary school hosts class on Mulao paper-cutting2020-07-09

    Luocheng-Shenzhen Experimental Primary School in Luocheng Mulao autonomous county, Hechi carried out classes on traditional paper-cutting of the Mulao ethnic group on July 6.

  • Bunuyao's Zhuzhu Festival to open in Dahua2020-07-09

    Dahua Yao autonomous county will hold a tourism consumption-driven poverty alleviation event and the traditional Zhuzhu Festival of the Bunuyao ethnic group in Dahou Town on July 18.

  • Hechi earns 5m yuan award for farmland construction2020-07-08

    Hechi has built 179,700 mu (11,980 hectares) of standard farmland construction since 2019, effectively promoting the construction of high-standard farmland in the city to a new level.

  • Bama increases efforts to cultivate teaching talents2020-07-07

    In recent years, Bama Yao autonomous county in Hechi has established and improved the introduction and training mechanism for talent development, as well as accelerated the construction of the talent team in the education system, providing intellectual support for the development of Bama's education system.

  • Tian'e boosts rural revitalization with ecological agriculture2020-07-07

    In recent years, Tian'e county in Hechi has tapped into and utilized the advantages of its ecological resources to fully developed its ecological agriculture industry, boosting its poverty alleviation achievements and promoting rural revitalization.

  • Impoverished disabled people find jobs on e-commerce platform2020-07-06

    After more than 20 days of training, a total of 24 disabled people from 11 counties and districts of Hechi has successfully passed the assessment on June 27 and became a new batch of online customer service staff of the Taobao e-commerce platform.

  • Bama town promotes private sector economy2020-07-06

    In recent years, Bama town of Bama Yao autonomous county, Hechi has vigorously supported and served the innovative development of the private sector economy.

  • Hechi promotes energy saving and waste classification2020-07-03

    The 2020 Energy Conservation Publicity Week and the promotion of household waste classification opened in Siyuan Square, Jiangchengjiang district, Hechi on June 30.

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Bama Yao autonomous county has been honored as “China’s longevity village”.