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Passengers board ship to leave Fujian for Taipei2013-10-12

Passengers perpare to board a ship to leave Pingtan Island, southeast China's Fujian province, for Taipei city.

Enjoy bathing beach in Pingtan Island2013-10-12

Tourists pose for photos at a bathing beach on Pingtan Island in southeast China's Fujian province.

Steamed deserts flavor Pingtan's Lunar New Year2013-02-17

Niangao and fagao are traditional desserts eaten around Chinese New Year in Pingtan, Fujian province.

Pingtan's night views2013-02-06

Pingtan's night views

Pingtan's new appearance welcomes Chinese New Year2013-02-06

Pingtan's new appearance welcomes Chinese New Year

Pingtan's marine reclamation project close to completion2013-01-16

The Xingfu Bay Project, a blowing sand reclamation in the north of Pingtan Island in Fujian province, is expected to complete construction during Chinese New Year.

Pingtan swimmers cross the Minjiang River2013-01-07

Eleven swimmers from Pingtan swam across the Minjiang River, the province's biggest river.

Night scenes in Pingtan2012-12-04

A night scene at the crossroad of Xihang Road and Wanbao Road in the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone.

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