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CCTV shoots documentary in Pingtan2015-04-27

The crew members decided to stay at the Baiqing township for a week where they got a close look at local customs, folk architecture and fishing culture.

Lunar halo appears over Pingtan2015-04-14

This phenomenon is caused by moonlight refracted from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere, according to experts.

Thousands of trees planted in Pingtan2015-04-13

Some 150 volunteers took part in the campaign, jointly organized by the Pingtan Times and the Bureau of Forests and Parks, on a plot of barren land near the Haixia Bridge.

Closer ties between Pingtan and Taiwan2015-04-09

A local news portal ptnet.cn has singled out 12 events in the first quarter of this year which improved relations between Pingtan and Taiwan.

Swim into the New Year2015-03-09

Sixteen swimmers swam for 20 minutes in the sea to promote the sport in Pingtan county, Fujian province, on Feb 21.

Pingtan tips hat to people who work during CNY (Part II)2015-03-06

Traffic policeman Se Jinxiang has gotten used to a restless Spring Festival. This year is no exception.

Pingtan tips hat to people who work during CNY (Part I)2015-03-06

Local newspaper Pingtan Times has interviewed a couple of people who worked during Spring Festival to keep things rolling as usual.

Spring Festival moments in Pingtan2015-03-05

Spring Festival moments in Pingtan

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