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Pingtan police write New Year's greetings2015-03-03

Pingtan police write New Year's greetings

Pingtan policemen double as tutors for children without parents2015-02-27

Police officers helping students with their homework in Pingtan county, in Fujian province, on Feb 11.

Salute to migrant worker in Pingtan2015-02-05

Yang Jianming, a native from Guizhou province, has been working in Pingtan for three years and has never returned his hometown once during the period.

Newspaper calls for end to rude road behavior2015-01-28

Local newspaper Pingtan Times released a set of similar rail-climbing photos on Jan 20, urging these passers-by to stop their reckless attempts.

Swimming base to be set up in Haitan Strait in Pingtan2015-01-28

The Pingtan Social Affairs Bureau signed a cooperation agreement with the Beijing Hengdu Sports Development Co on Jan 16 that vowed jointly set up an open-water swimming base in the Haitan Strait.

Clear sky in Pingtan2015-01-23

The blue sky occurred after a heavy rain on the previous day which put an end to foggy weather, according to experts.

Cross-straits softball game held in Pingtan2015-01-15

Nine teams from Pingtan and Taiwan participated in the two-day tournament in Pingtan to increase sports communication.

Yearend: 2014,year of Taiwan2015-01-12

Taiwanese elements made deeper roots in Pingtan, Fujian province in 2014, Pingtan Times reported on Dec 30.

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