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Fujian's authority pledges to endorse Pingtan's development2014-11-18

A delegation from the Fujian Development and Reform Commission and the Fujian Major Project Administration Office visited Pingtan.

Pingtan cuts red tape2014-10-23

Authorities of the local Party Working Committee set up a special office responsible for project assessment and approval.

New tides of Taiwan investment in Pingtan2014-09-28

Investment from Taiwanese entrepreneurs in Pingtan has increased at a fast pace so far this year, Xinhuanet.com reported on Sept 11.

Ways of development2014-08-15

Economic experts weign in on mroe development opportunities in Pingtan following the "Pingtan Closure" at an Aug 11 forum.

Pingtan pins hopes on cross-Straits equity fund2014-08-11

A delegation from Fujian Electronics and Information Group visited Pingtan on Aug 1 to discuss matters concerning landing an equity fund.

Pingtan plans to invest 50b yuan in development in 20132013-01-04

Pingtan, the nearest island county on the Chinese mainland to Taiwan, will accelerate its opening-up and development in 2013.

Pingtan pilot zone releases negative list2014-06-05

Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone in Fujian province published on June 3 its negative list, which specifies bans or restrictions on certain types of foreign investments.

China's second negative list a move forward2014-06-05

On June 3, Pingtan, the largest island in East China's Fujian province, became the second place in the country to use a negative list.