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Pingtan eases customs procedures2015-09-11

Under the new rules, Pingtan cut several service fees on exports and imports, including for data recording and changing and electronic inquiry.

Fujian releases traffic policies for Taiwan vehicles2015-09-09

Fujian’s public security authority has issued a set of regulations on traffic management for Taiwan vehicles that enter Fujian, according to ptnet.cn.

Pingtan accelerates food permit approval2015-07-27

The approval period for food circulation permits in Pingtan, Fujian province has been shortened from 10 days to 1, authorities said on July 14.

Pingtan to sell tax-free goods in the future2015-07-13

Pingtan is expected to implement a policy allowing overseas tourists to get tax refunds on goods purchased here.

Imported vehicles get cheaper in Pingtan2015-07-10

Pingtaners will soon be able to buy luxury imported vehicles at a lower price, thanks to a new policy, local news portal ptnet.cn reports.

Pingtan supports financial sector2015-07-09

All financial institutions are subject to a plethora of preferential policies ranging from tax compensation to rent and land subsidies.

Pingtan shortens tax rebate period2015-05-22

Pingtan adopts differentiated management on export enterprises based on their assets, credit rating and internal risk control measures.

Forex settlement reform2015-04-24

Overseas-funded companies can settle their foreign exchange capital at will, helping them efficiently use the capital.