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Pingtan's preferential policies: tourism2015-03-04

Pingtan's preferential policies: tourism

Pingtan's preferential policies: financial sector2015-03-04

Pingtan's preferential policies: financial sector

Introduction to Pingtan's preferential policies2015-03-04

Get a better and comprehensive understanding of favorable policies in Pingtan.

Pingtan's preferential policies: benefits for Taiwan people2015-03-04

Pingtan's preferential policies: benefits for Taiwan people

Pingtan to relax restrictions on overseas investments2015-02-03

Pingtan is expected to roll out more reform policies for overseas investors, including a relaxation in allowing them to make investments in more fields.

Pingtan to develop 14 more projects2015-01-23

The signings came after Pingtan was included in a free trade zone plan in Fujian province, which triggered a new wave of business interest and investment.

Fujian to endorse transport construction in Pingtan2015-01-04

The Fujian Transportation Department will increase its support for transport development in Pingtan in a comprehensive way, officials said on Dec 12.

China to ease investment rules in free trade zones2014-12-28

The Chinese government has been authorized to ease investment rules in three new free trade zones (FTZs) after top legislature gave the go ahead during a bi-monthly meeting on Sunday.