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Fuzhou - land of good fortune
Updated: 2010-08-02


A tangible ancient city, a city steeped in history, a history that passes into culture and mystery, a mystery that is born in an auspicious land, Fuzhou, located in the southeast part of the People’s Republic of China, has gradually become one of the major cities in the coastal area and a comfortable place for people to live.
Once blocked and even isolated from Chinese mainstream civilization by the mountains, Fuzhou was obliged to hide its beauty behind a veil. However, when the new era came, Fuzhou unveiled itself and unfolded her wings, ready to fly high.
Thanks to Fuzhou’s special terrain and location, within its borders, there are many outstanding natural landscapes and sceneries.
Because of the sea’s erosion and wind’s weathering, the coarse rocks were shaped into grand and beautiful “handiworks,” standing in the west of Haitan Island like a yacht heading to the future.
Minjiang River:
Running through the city of Fuzhou, Minjiang River, like the umbilical cord, links the city and the sea, connecting both in terms of emotion and affection. In ancient times, our predecessors took a canoe heading to the sea to pursue their dream land, which was the origin of the history of the Nandaoyu race.
Today, between the Zhenhailou and Xihu, lying in the middle of the city and connecting Damiaoshan and Zhishan mountains, there is a cultural axis, which is a reflection of Fuzhou’s relationship with the sea.

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