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Hot springs in Fuzhou
Updated: 2010-04-19

Fuzhou is blessed with a mild sub-tropical marine climate, and one fantastic resource: hot springs.

Hot springs are the most common type of geothermal activity, caused by the transfer of heat from deep within the earth to the earth's surface.

The famous spring hotels in Fuzhou, China are as follows:

Fuzhou Jintang International Spring Hotel

The Jintang International Spring Hotel, taking European, American and Japanese styles as its main theme, covers an area of over 20,000sm, including a 10, 000sm of hot spring. The hotel, equipped with a traditional Chinese massage and beauty salon, body building center, sightseeing restaurant, conference rooms and suites, is a holiday resort which combines health, fashion, recreation and health care. Located at the flourishing area in Wusi Road and equipped with a large parking lot which can park more than 400 cars, it is one of the top holiday resorts in China.

Huangchulin Hotsprings Resort

At the border of Gutian County and Minqing County, there is a scenic spot called Xiongjiang Valley where Minjiang runs through the bottoms of the roaring hills. At this junction, there is a turn off from the main road into the mountain roads, which leads to one of the main hot springs resorts in the region.

Huangchulin Hotsprings Resort is set deep in the forest, among the mountains, where hot springs and mountain springs run parallel to one another. The thermal spring water is trapped and collected at various pools and ponds, some under shelters and others in open space. The beauty of the setup at Huangchulin is that while bathing in the hot pools, bathers can simply roll off the hot pools into the running cool mountain spring, rushing down from top of the hills among the bedrock and mountain streams.

There is an entire forest reserve surrounding the health resort. Parts of the forest are made accessible by foot with tracks, steps and little bridges built along the paths. Visitors can spend hours trekking, hiking and romping through the mountain forest. Wild flowers, waterfalls, streams and weird plants are a feast for the eyes. The entire landscape provides a gratifying, soul-soothing experience where time comes to a standstill.

Qingyunshan Imperial Hot Spring Hotel

Qingyunshan Yongtai scenic spots are located in Yongtai county, more than ten kilometers down the Heung Yee Ling Road, high up off the ground because of the summit, named after Albatron stands. Among this scenic area of 47 square kilometers, more than 1000 meters above sea level in the mountains, there are seven peaks, with a maximum altitude of 1130 meters. Located in the scenic spot is Qingyunshan Imperial Hot Spring Hotel, which is integrated with all kinds of functions, such as leisure, entertainment and conference. The Hot Spring Hotel is able to accommodate over 700 tourists.