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British Natural Landscape Garden

Ancient Greek Garden

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1.British Natural Landscape Garden

British Natural Style Landscape Garden is located to the south of the island. The idea to build this kind of garden first generated among the circles of British politicians, thinkers, and scholars in the 17th century, while the practices began in the 18th century. British gardener Bridgeman adopted unsymmetrical trees planting models for the first time. William Kent developed Bridgeman’s gardening skills, emphasizing the gardening guidelines to completely imitate and reproduce the nature. Lancelot Brown further developed the gardening techniques and grass on the gentle slope, natural-type lakeshore, natural-style waterfall, and snake-like garden road became common gardening elements. Humphry Repton, a famous gardener after Brown, held that rule-type elements needed to be remained by the side of the building as a transition between the building and the natural-style garden. After Repton, William Chambers raised the concept that the gardening also should make the garden to be a place for people to have a rest or get entertainment.

World Garden
British Natural Landscape Garden (Ⅰ)

The garden integrates such elements as rockeries, grass, pavilions, flower borders, and rocks against the surrounding water. What a beautiful idyllic scenery it is!

2.Ancient Greek Garden

Experience the history on the sites. Interpret myths under the tree shade. Learn about garden’s embryo when walking.

The reason for choosing Ancient Greek Garden at the entrance of the World Garden is as follows: The form of this kind of garden is at a relatively simple initial stage while its styles are very rich. It is the embryo of the later European garden. All today’s sports parks, schools, temple gardens and so on can find their embryos in the ancient Greek garden. Moreover, with the development and influence of mathematics, geometry and corresponding philosophy of that time, the ancient Greek garden emphasized the formal style, which laid the foundation of Western formal garden.

Ancient Greek Garden is located to the north of the World Garden with an area of about 2,000 square meters. The garden consists of three sections: Soros Square, Sacred Wood, and Lion Gate from west to east. It takes the square of Greek Delphi site (i.e., Soros Square) as its main body to show the application of perfect proportion and Greek column style with a far-reaching influence on Western architecture. Considering Greek myths has a huge impact on Western garden, painting, literature and other arts and many subjects of art creations are derived from Greek mythologies, twelve statues of Greek main gods are scattered among the shady trees.

The world’s famous Lion Gate, the entrance to ancient Mycenae’s acropolis, is placed at the east entrance. Tow solid stone columns carry the heavy and slightly arched stone beam, on which is a huge-stone arch. There is a group of reliefs in the front of the huge stone: two symmetric lions, one on the left side and another on the right side, step on the altar with their front feet. A pillar stands between two lions, which is a symbol of the palace. The corbel arch on the Lion Gate is one of the world’s earliest arch-style structure sites and has a profound influence on the following architecture.

World Garden
Layout of Ancient Greek Garden


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