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Premier congratulates Tu on winning Nobel Prize

Source: english.gov.cn/Xinhua

Updated: 2015-10-06

Premier Li Keqiang sent a letter on Oct 5 to congratulate herbal expert Tu Youyou on winning the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, the first Chinese woman national to win a Nobel Prize in science.

He lauded Chinese scientific and technological staff, including medical researchers, for their long-term, dedicated work, united coordination, fearless efforts to scale the peaks in science and technology as well as numerous achievements.

“Tu’s winning of the prize demonstrates the prosperity and progress China has made in science and technology, the great contribution traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has made to the cause of human health, and China’s growing strengths and rising international standing,” Premier Li said.

He also encouraged them to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, to promote mass innovation and entrepreneurship, and to seek greater progress in the most advanced scientific and technological projects, thus making new and greater contributions to economic and social development and innovative national construction.

Officials from the China Association for Science and Technology and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine visited and congratulated Tu on the evening of Oct 5 on behalf of Vice-Premier Liu Yandong.


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