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Chinese scientists use transgenic silkworms to produce spider silk        2018-08-17

Chinese scientists have used gene-editing techniques to make silkworms produce spider silk, and have achieved efficient yields compared with earlier attempts.

Lenovo profits from digital strategy in Q2        2018-08-17

Chinese tech heavyweight Lenovo Group Ltd posted profits of $77 million in the quarter ending in June, beating analysts’ expectations, thanks to a sharp jump in revenue in all business segments.

Robot makers eye innovation to tackle challenges        2018-08-17

Softly whirring robotic arms five meters tall lifts up a car weighing nearly two tons and moves it around in the air, as a crowd of visitors below hold up their phones to record and take pictures.

Beijing robot meeting highlights cooperation        2018-08-16

The nation will ramp up resources to strengthen international cooperation as it strives to build a globally competitive robotics industry and accelerate the use of smart machines in manufacturing, healthcare and other sectors.

New jetliner operating from Beijing, Shanghai        2018-08-16

Air China, the national flag carrier, has begun to operate one of the world's latest long-range, wide-body jetliners, the Airbus A350-900, and plans to use it soon for intercontinental flights.

Country issues national standards for autonomous vehicle testing        2018-08-16

China has rolled out a set of national standards for testing smart autonomous cars on roads, which is expected to facilitate companies' testing in different regions and thus speed up the technology's development in the country.

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