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Chinese newspaper has robot writer of science news        2019-08-02

China Science Daily announced Thursday that it has used software to automatically generate news stories about the latest discoveries from the world's leading science journals.

Chinese scientists develop new type of brain-inspired chip        2019-08-02

Chinese scientists have successfully developed a ground-breaking electronic chip and incorporated it into a riderless autonomous bicycle.

China to build more high-throughput computing data centers        2019-08-02

China will build high-throughput computing data centers in more than 10 cities and form a high-speed network to improve the country's data processing ability.

Alibaba Cloud to collaborate with Malaysian bank to accelerate digital transformation        2019-08-01

Alibaba Cloud will accelerate the digital transformation of Malaysian financial services with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Malaysia's Bank Muamalat.

China makes progress in developing new drugs: officials        2019-08-01

A total of 139 new medicines developed by Chinese researchers have been certificated.

Research findings could get boost from draft plan        2019-08-01

Beijing will boost the commercialization of scientific and research findings by the city's researchers.