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Projects and Plans: Golden Seed Project

The Golden Seed Project is a cultivation project for promoting the rapid development of startups by selecting golden seed enterprises and enhancing services.

It adopts the "1+N" work pattern. The "1" refers to the Golden Seed Project Joint Committee, which is composed of entrepreneurship tutors and representatives of entrepreneurial service institutions. The committee works under the guidance of the Administrative Committee of the Zhongguancun Science Park.

"N" refers to the entrepreneurial service clusters consisting of various entrepreneurial service resources, such as the University Science Park in Zhongguancun, Technology Business Incubator, Overseas Students Pioneer Park, new entrepreneurial service organizations, angel investors, social organizations, and platform enterprises.

The project issues the list of "golden seed enterprises" on a regular basis. Golden seed enterprises refer to startups in the emerging industries of strategic importance and with great development potential in terms of their technical level, business model, innovation ability, entrepreneurship team and governance structure. Golden seed enterprises are selected through the recommendation of entrepreneurial service clusters and with the affirmation of the Joint Committee.

The project will render short listed enterprises with specialized services, such as entrepreneurship guidance and training, communication and cooperation, space expansion and site selection, project promotion, and financing.

The Golden Seed Project is intended to inherit the entrepreneurship of Zhongguancun and to carry forward the innovative and entrepreneurial culture of Zhongguancun. It will also cultivate golden seed businesses, gather entrepreneurship tutors, attract angel investors, and integrate entrepreneurial service institutions.

The project can help improve the innovative and entrepreneurial service system, optimize the innovative and entrepreneurial environment, and lay a solid foundation for building the Zhongguancun Science Park into a globally influential sci-tech innovation center.


Zhang Hui

Zhang Hui, Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Beijing Innofidei.


Yu Zhenhua

Yu Zhenhua, Board Chairman of Beijing Prudent Energy Inc.


Deng Zhonghan

Deng Zhonghan, Board Chairman of Vimicro.


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