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Aerospace industry cluster

The space information service and navigation industry in Zhongguancun represented by Beidou navigation system has thoroughly changed China's dependence on foreign products and technologies.

A series of key technologies researched and developed by Beijing BDStar Navigation Co Ltd, Beijing Guozhiheng Power Management Technology Co Ltd, Beijing Unistrong Science & Technology Co Ltd, OLinkStar Co Ltd, Beidou Tianhui (Beijing) Technology Corporation and other companies have been industrializd and are applied in smart grid, disaster prevention and reduction, national defense and other strategic fields. These products include Beidou navigation chip, Beidou positioning and communication system, Beidou navigation communication terminal and Beidou time service chip and system.

The navigation map and dynamic traffic information service researched and developed by NavInfo Co Ltd and the geographic information system of SuperMap Software Co. Ltd have localized the core technologies of space information. The "Beijing No 1" high performance small satellite, the small satellite R&D platform of China Spacesat Co Ltd, and the satellite and aerial remote sensing data system of EarthView Image Inc are driving the Chinese aerial remote sensing sector.

The Outline of the Development Plan of Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone (2011-2020) indicates that in the next ten years, the park will devlope into international aerospace innovation hub with emphasis on engines, system control and technical aeronautics to accelerate the development of the aerospace technology industry.

Meanwhile, the demonstration zone is also planned to undergo development in the civil aerospace industry which integrates products, system application and operation service, to develop Beidou satellite navigation system and to accelerate the development of a satellite remote sensing industrial cluster catering for application demand.


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