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Electronic information industry cluster

Zhongguancun has achieved numerous breakthroughs and innovative results in key technologies in the fields of VLSI (Very Large-Scale Integration), new-generation mobile communication, cloud computing, Internet of things (IoT)and mobile Internet. It has preliminarily formed an electronic information industry cluster with international competitiveness.

A complete industrial chain has been formed in the VLSI field from semiconductor materials, high-end chip design, chip production equipment and chip production. The IC chip has rewritten the history of international advanced supercomputers.

The 65nm etchers and ion implanters of Zhongkexin, the chemical gas phase deposition system and a complete set of key products on IC production line of Beijing Sevenstar Electronics Co Ltd, the general-purpose CPU chips of Loongson, the embedded chips of Ingenic, the multimedia chips of Vimicro, the DBS channel demodulation chips of Beijing InnoFidei Technology Limited, and the mobile high-speed storage chips of GigaDevice Semiconductor in the park have changed the Chinese semiconductor chips' import-dependent history. The park is also the birth place of China's first petascale supercomputer.

The standards and core products of the new-generation mobile communication industry in the park further raise their international status. The park has led the formulation of G3 mobile communication TD-SCDMA (Datang Telecom), broadband wireless access McWiLL (Xinwei Telecom), 3C IGRS and other international standards for communication technology, which have realized mass commercial application. InnoFidei successfully developed the world's first TD-LTE terminal base band communication chip supporting 20MB bandwidth. The TD-SCDMA network systems, terminals, testing instruments and other products of Datang Telecom, Beijing Zhongchuang Telecom Test Co Ltd and Beijing Starpoint Communications Software Co Ltd are leading in the world of electronic information.

The companies in the park have mastered cloud security, cloud storage, new-type cloud terminal, new-generation data center, high-definition monitoring, phone browser, e-book and other key technologies. They have established the world's first cloud computing industrial base (broadband capital), first IoT private network and the largest mobile Internet service system. The park produced China's first cloud computing server, realizing the major leap of cloud computing from a technical idea to a physical product in China. The IoT emergency command platform of Harmony Technologies Co Ltd, the phone browser of UC, the cloud security products of Qihoo and Kingsoft and other products lead the development of the mobile Internet.

In addition, the basic software, information service, business administration, e-commerce and other information service fields of the park lead the development of domestic industries. The cluster includes many well-known companies such as: Digital China, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, Kingsoft, Hanvon, and VanceInfo.


Li Yanhong

Founder, board chairman and CEO of Baidu


Liu Chuanzhi

Founder of Lenovo


Feng Jun

President of Huaqi Information Group


Zhongguancun Science Park