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New material industry cluster

Some advanced functional materials and structural materials made in Zhongguancun have been applied in information, biology, new energies and aerospace sectors.

Technologies at a world-class level include: the nano green print printing technology from Beijing Zhongke Nano-Think Print Technology Co Ltd, the nonlinear optical crystals and infrared optics technologies from SINOMA Synthetic Crystals Co Ltd, the superconductive current limiter from Superconductor Technology Co Ltd, the NdFeB magnetic material of Zhongke Sanhuan High-Tech Co Ltd and the OLED technology from Visonox.

AT&M is world's second enterprise with a 10,000-ton amorphous ribbon production capacity. Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co Ltd is one of the largest anode material suppliers in the world. Grinm Semiconductor Materials Co Ltd owns China's only 12-inch silicon wafer R&D test line. Baimtec Material Co Ltd has China's largest titanium alloy civil cast production base.

According to the Outline of the Development Plan of Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone (2011-2020), in the next ten years, the park will vigorously develop a new material industry to adapt to the development of the electronic information, biology, aviation, aerospace and equipment industries.

Meanwhile, the park will attach importance to making breakthroughs in key technologies, including nano, high-purity material and semiconductor material, high performance alloy, rare earth material and application, metal special processing and composite material technologies.


Li Yanhong

Founder, board chairman and CEO of Baidu


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Founder of Lenovo


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President of Huaqi Information Group


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