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New energy, energy conservation and environmental protection industry cluster

Companies in the park have developed world-class systems and equipment in nuclear power, wind power, solar power and other new energy sectors.

The low temperature nuclear heating reactor technology and high temperature gas cooled reactor from Chinergy Co Ltd and the R&D capacity the MW-level digital I&C system from China Techenergy Co Ltd are in the international leading position. National Wind Energy Co Ltd Sinovel and Prudent Energy take the lead in realizing industrial application of the MW vertical axis wind turbine, 5MW offshore wind turbine and MW vanadium battery commercialization system.

Breakthroughs have also been made in smart grid technology. The UHV insulated power transmission converter valve technology of the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Beijing Sifang Automation Co Ltd and Beijing Creative Distribution Automation Co Ltd have ended the foreign technical monopoly. High-power AC variable frequency speed regulating systems, power system relays and substation automation systems are widely applied in China.

Companies in the park also lead the high efficiency, energy conservation, cyclic resource utilization and sewage treatment technologies. The heat accumulation combustion technique from Beijing Shenwu Environment & Energy Technology Corp, the speed sensor-less vector control high-voltage converter from Beijing Leader & Harvest Electric Technologies Co Ltd, the high-efficiency low-temperature air source heat pump unit from Tongfang, the pulverized coal gasifier from Beijing Aerospace Wanyuan Coal Chemical Engineering Technology Co Ltd and other technologies and products have saved enormous energy.

The restaurant-kitchen garbage disposal technology from Goldenwoy Biology Tech, the ecological sand - a new-type ecological and environment friendly material from Beijing Renchuang Science & Technology Co Ltd – and other cyclic energy utilization technologies have been applied in Beijing. The water treatment technology represented by the membrane bioreactor of Beijing Origin Water Technology Ltd and the siphonic pressure flow roof rainwater drainage system of Beijing Tidelion S&I Rainwater Harvesting Technology Co Ltd provide a new technical way to treat sewage in China.

In the next ten years, the park will continue to develop new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection industry cluster. By focusing on alleviating energy bottlenecks and the need for transformation to a low carbon economy, the park will attach importance to researching and developing new-type solar photovoltaic and optothermal materials and components, new-type heat pump units, sewage treatment and solid waste disposal technology and equipment. The park will also promote the R&D of biomass energy utilization, high-end nuclear power, geothermal energy and wind power technologies and engineering service capacity.


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